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Recipe For Vegetables with Hidden Valley Ranch Sauce

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I’m a big ranch fan, but when it comes to a good dip, I prefer it very thick and creamy to a liquid sauce. If you feel the same way, you’ll love this quick and easy ranch dressing recipe.

Consists of one or two simple ingredients: a can of Hidden Vale Ranch Mix, heavy cream and CREAM CHEESE. Splendid. I keep these ingredients on hand almost all of the time, and they’re perfect for parties, potlucks, game days, and family gatherings.

Simply mix these three ingredients together for the perfect chilled dip for chips & Vegetables!

Most Effective Easy Homemade Dip (3 ingredients)

This quick and easy fries and veggie dip is made with three simple ingredients everyone could love: cream cheese, whipped cream, and a packet of Hidden Vale Ranch! It’s incredibly thick and creamy, way better than the factory crap.

Dish: Appetizer

Keywords: Cold Sauce, Cream Cheese, Salsa, Hidden Valley, Fries, Ranch, Sour Cream, Greens

Servings: 10


8 oz cream cheese (then preferably slightly softened)

2 cups whipping cream

1 packet ranch spice mix (I like Hidden Valley)


Mix well with a spoon (or hand blender).Start with less sour cream and add more over time to reach desired thickness.

Store in electronic devices until use. Serve with modern veggies and fries!

Formula Notes

This recipe is enough to feed a large crowd, so I’ll share the recipe if you have a small gathering.

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