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Cheese Dog Bread Rolls area unit as fun to form as they’re to eat, and area unit best served with stale sliced ​​bread. Golden, tender and crammed with meat sausages in a very roll and liquified cheese, they’re a hearty snack or starter that each youngsters and adults can love.

We love all varieties of bread reception, therefore I forever check that we’ve a loaf or 2 prepared for our favourite spreads like salad or pineapple punk. however typically my eyes area unit larger than our stomachs and that i find yourself shopping for over we will well consume.
But loaves of bread ne’er head to waste; there area unit such a big amount of First Statelicious ways in which to repurpose stale extras into wonderful snacks or desserts! i favor to show pan de leche rolls into Hawaiian bread pudding or sliced ​​white bread into ham or cheese rolls.

If you are looking for the right outside treat for the children or fun appetizers for the grown-ups within the house, these stuffed rolls area unit it! Golden, tender and filled with meaty hot dogs and liquified cheese within, they’re bound to be a success.Not solely do they create a fun and attractive snack, however they are additionally straightforward to form with simply a couple of ingredients. additionally, they will be frozen for each taste!

2 preparation tips
3 a way to serve
4 Cheese pastries for dogs
4.1 Ingredients
4.2 directions
4.3 NotesSliced ​​sandwich bread is ideal for this recipe! I like white, however be at liberty to use wheat for further nutrition.

Hot Dogs – i take advantage of Filipino vogue “red hot dogs”.

Cheese – Eden is my favorite complete to use here, however any fast cheese ought to do.

Eggs associate degreed milk – Whisk along to form an egg wash to assist the wrapper adhere
Panko Breadcrumbs – Use Panko for the simplest crunch!
Oil – select associate degree oil with a high smoke purpose and a neutral style, like canola, Carthamus tinctorius or vegetable oil
Cooking tips

Use the cut crusts as a binder (panada) for burger steaks.
I realize that the sweet and bitter style of banana pulp enhances the creamy and salty flavors of those rolls. Before adding the sliced ​​hot dog and cheese, you’ll either unfold a really skinny layer of intermixture on the bread (not too thick or the bread are soggy), or serve the cooked rolls with mashed banana for dipping.Cut the recent dog and cheese into skinny strips so you’ll wrap the bread tightly around them.
I like to freeze the ready rolls for many minutes before sauteing, so the cheese hardens a touch and doesn’t emanate of the rolls throughout sauteing.
For the simplest texture, keep the oil within the best vary of 350 F to 375 F. Too hot and therefore the bread topping can brown before the within gets heat enough, too low and therefore the buns can absorb heaps a lot of oil.

To keep the temperature from falling, don’t fill up the pan and fry in batches PRN.
Drain the cooked rolls on a wire rack rather than on paper towels, as escaping steam might build them soggy.

How to serve

These tender sausage and cheese rolls area unit nice as a snack or starter with a dip like catsup, mustard, BBQ sauce, sweet and bitter sauce, or ranch dressing.

Since they’re best enjoyed freshly burnt, i like to recommend storing them unfried. organize in a very single layer on a baking sheet, cowl with foil and freeze till firm. Transfer the frozen ones to resealable luggage and store within the icebox for up to three months. this fashion they will not stay together once frozen.

The fries were frozen and modify the temperature PRN throughout preparation to make sure they do not burn on the skin before they’re absolutely heated on the within.

Cheese Dog Bread Rolls

Cheese and Hot Dog Bread Rolls area unit golden and tender with a Panko coating. they’re straightforward to form and a fun and attractive snack that the total family can love!

Preparation time: quarter-hour
Cooking time: five min
Cooling: five min
Total time: half-hour


12 slices of bread
3 hot dogs, delve four strips
4 ounces quick-melt cheese, delve twenty four skinny strips
2 eggs
1/4 cup milk
1 cup panko breadcrumbs
rapeseed oil


Trim the perimeters of every piece of bread and flatten with a kitchen utensil till terribly skinny.
Place a bit of hot dog and 2 strips of cheese along on the sting of the bread and roll the bread into a log into that the filling is placed. Press gently on the seams to seal utterly (or secure with toothpicks and take away once you are able to scoop out the breadcrumbs). Repeat with the remaining slices of bread.

In a bowl, combine the eggs with the milk and beat till well combined.
Place the Panko breadcrumbs in a very shallow bowl.
Dip the roll within the egg mixture and coat within the breadcrumbs, patting the breadcrumbs to coat utterly. Repeat with remaining rolls.

Heat oil concerning a pair of inches deep in a very wide, heavy-bottomed pan over medium heat. Place the ready rolls seam facet down and fry, turning PRN, till golden and tender.
Remove from the pan and let drain on a wire rack over a baking sheet. Serve hot with catsup for dipping.

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