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Sweet honey and sourish bagoong is that the last flavor combination we’d expect on a combine of chicken wings. I saw these Honey Bagoong Chicken Wings on Pepper.ph the opposite day and with such a special combination, I had to do them for myself. within the original formula, the wings were done ala Bonchon, wrapped, deep-fried and drizzled with bagoong sauce. However, I wasn’t within the mood to wear down sizzling oil splattering my face and our freshly painted room walls, thus i made a decision to place the chicken within the kitchen appliance instead.

I marinated the chickpeas in an exceedingly honey-bagoong mixture for concerning five hours and baked them within the kitchen appliance for concerning thirty five minutes, basting sometimes with the glaze. Oh, sensible Jesus! They were unbelievably delicious, the interaction of sweet and salty was sort of a party within the mouth. These Honey Bagoong Chicken Wings ar positively a preparation journey to not be lost. Enjoy!

Honey Bagoong Chicken Wings

1 Honey Bagoong Chicken Wings
2 Ingredients
2.1 directions

These chicken wings ar kitchen appliance baked and jam-choked with delicious flavors.

Preparation time: ten min

Cooking time: thirty five minutes

Total time: forty five minutes

By Lalaine Manalo

Course: course


Rinse the chicken wings in cold water and allow them to drain.

In a giant bowl, mix bagoong and honey till combined.

Add the chicken and rub with the mixture. infuse for a minimum of four hours for best flavor.


Remove the chicken from the marinade and season with salt and pepper to style. Reserve marinade.
Heat the honey-bagoong marinade in an exceedingly little cooking pan over medium heat for concerning five minutes or till thickened and syrupy.
Line a baking sheet with aluminium foil and spray it with non-stick change of state spray.

organize the chicken in an exceedingly single layer on the ready baking sheet and bake in an exceedingly 385 F kitchen appliance for concerning thirty to thirty five minutes, or till the chicken is hard-baked through and also the skin is caramelized. Halfway through change of state, flip and brush the chicken with the marinade. take away from the kitchen appliance and serve hot.

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