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Complete pizza dough recipe from Integral

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So much so that you just need to make sure that the dough for the meal is the key to success. So much so that you no longer buy frozen and/or pre-cooked pizza. So much so that you have to make your own pizza dough at home. so far everything is great. Do we want to take the next step?does the replacement battery spin? surprising direction change link?

Make grain pizza dough to get:

reduce refined and bleached flour consumption with God knows what kind of dough.

Avoid water retention, constipation.

Lose the extra pounds you’ve accumulated over time (the body absorbs them better and prevents a rapid increase in blood sugar-lowering substances that turn into fat).

Purify the liver, purify the body.

provides your body with slow-release energy to keep you going longer.

1. Dough remaining

After you have mixed all the dough ingredients and before you start kneading, let the dough rest for fifteen minutes.

in this process, the protein will fully develop, the dough will be much easier to knead and so the crust will be soft and delicious.

2. Do not test again with sauce

Covering the dough with a stick of spaghetti sauce in units of weight of cheese is not a sincere idea. {the onlythis problem} is to produce moisture that is absorbed by the dough during cooking, an effort that is mocked, [*fr1] raw and caramel. in this case, less is more.with just a few spoons touching the dough,

The easiest option for coating is tomato passata. and what is it? it’s a thick, dense paste made from tomatoes and salt, with a strong tomato flavor and a little water so it sticks to the dough higher without providing extra moisture.

3. Pre-fry the cheese

After spreading the tomato puree over the dough, add your favorite herbs (oregano or basil is best).This will help the cheese stick to the herbs and not burn.

4. Terribly thin dough

Are you making focaccia or dish? If you want to put together an authentic Italian pizza that is crispy, fragrant and chewy, listen to the thickness of the dough. Ideally, roll it up until it’s flat, then thread your fingers down the sides.

5. Stove kitchen appliance

preheat the oven (with the compartment you intend to use for the plates) to high heat for at least 45 minutes. Use the highest temperature in your oven (250 ºC to 260 ºC).

Then gently place the pizza on the preheated baking tray (so the eyes burn) and bake for fifteen minutes.

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