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Mango Bango with Nata American state cocoa palm | Animeflv

Mango Bango is your new favorite dessert! It’s absolutely sweet and creamy and jam-choked with recent mango and palm fruit for the final word tropical treat.

Juicy mango, mini starch and gelatin cubes and sugary mango-flavored cream mix to form a delicious summer treat that the complete family can love.


1 Ingredients
2 directions for preparation
3 the way to serve

Mangoes – I extremely suggest Manila mangoes or the similar Ataulfo ​​cultivar as they’re juicier and sweeter in flavor and have swish flesh while not a great deal of fiber.

Sugar palm fruits square measure sometimes created into a significant sirup, thus ensure they’re well drained to avoid over-sweetening the mango mixture.

Nata American state coco- additionally packed during a sweet liquid; drain well.

All purpose cream – cream, concentrate or [*fr1] and [*fr1] are smart choices.

Preparation directions

Cut the cheeks of 5 cavitied mangoes with a knife. we have a tendency to empty the flesh and cut it into cubes. Set aside.
Cut the remaining mango and scoop out the pulp. Purée the pulp during a kitchen appliance or liquidizer.

Drain the nata American state cocoa palm and kaong well during a strainer.

Mix mango cubes, nata American state cocoa palm, kaong, mango puree, milk and general-purpose cream during a bowl. combine till well distributed.

Cover with wrap and refrigerate. Serve chilled.

How to serve

Mango bango is superb as AN after-meal course or mid-day snack. we are able to serve chilled or frozen.

It may be ready during advance; good for serving an outsized crowd! Store in a instrumentation with a tightly fitting lid and refrigerate for up to 3 days or freeze for up to at least one month.

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