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Integral’s Entire Pizza Dough Recipe

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So much so that you are simply convinced that dish dough is the key to success. so much so that now you won’t buy frozen and/or pre-cooked pizza. All you have to do is make your own homemade pizza dough. so far everything is great. do you want to graduate?Does the replacement pen spin? make a surprising change of direction?

Create a pizza dough from grains to get:

Reduce consumption of refined and bleached flour with who knows what powder.

Avoid water retention and constipation.

Get rid of the excess pounds that you have accumulated over time (the body absorbs them better and prevents the rapid rise in blood sugar levels, which turns into fat).

Cleanses the liver by keeping the body clean.

provides the body with slow-release energy that helps maintain the feeling of satiety longer.

1. Let the dough rest

After all the ingredients for the dough have been mixed, let the dough rest for a quarter of an hour before kneading.

In this way, the proteins develop optimally, the dough is much easier to work with and the crust becomes tender and tasty.

2. Don’t check with sauce

It’s not a good idea to cover a unit weight cake with spaghetti cheese sauce. {The only problem} you get is the production of moisture that the dough absorbs during cooking, it’s hard, [*fr1] raw and caramelized. In this case, less is more.Just a handful of spoons to touch the batter,

The easiest choice to spread the plate batter is tomato puree. And what is that? It’s a dense and targeted tomato and salt-based puree with an intense tomato flavor and little water, allowing it to stick better to the dough without adding extra moisture.

3. Add the aroma before the cheese

After you have spread the tomato puree on the pasta, simply add the herbs that you like best (oregano or basil is best).This will help the cheese stick to the herbs and prevent them from burning.

4. Very lightly roll out the dough.

Are you preparing a focaccia or a dish? If you want a certain level of authentic Italian pizza that’s crispy, flavorful and tender, listen to the thickness of the dough. It’s best to stretch with a roller until flat, then stretch the sides with your fingers.

5. Preheat the appliance The

heats up the oven (including the storage tray) for at least 45 minutes. Use the maximum oven temperature (250ºC – 260ºC).

Then carefully place the pizza on the preheated baking tray (eye pain) and bake for about 15 minutes.

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