Medical labs file lawsuit against US government over health care fees


Scheduled test installments are unreasonably cheap and can drive small businesses out of business, according to the American Clinical Laboratory Association.

U.S. Naval Forces, Wikimedia Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Chelsea A. Blom took the picture.

The bureaucratic health insurance program for seniors known as Medicare has been sued by the American Clinical Laboratory Association (ACLA) for what it says are excessive payments for tests included in the program. According to Reuters, these are installments of approximately $670 million in testing administrations that ACLA believes the government is losing to organizations.

The complaint stems from a 2014 rule that was intended to make Medicare clinical trial reimbursement broadly comparable to commercial backup insurance. The public authorities examined the preliminary clinical rates of the organizations to determine the reasonable value. But according to ACLA, they only looked at a small segment of the industry, namely the massive companies that generate huge amounts of revenue while charging prices that aren’t exactly more reasonable.

According to Reuters, the claim claims that less than 1% of the clinical trial industry has provided spending data to the Department of Health and Human Services, which administers Medicare.

According to Julie Khani, ACLA president, “It is foolish and dangerous for Medicare beneficiaries for [Health and Human Services] to implement an installment plan in light of a fraudulent triage process that actually threatens the viability of certain labs. continue to operate and undermines access to important laboratory tests.

According to Reuters, major clinical testing companies LabCorp and Quest share ACLA’s interests. From January 1, 2018, the new Medicare installment rates will go into effect.