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Health Insurance

CRISPR-based treatment successfully reduces levels of toxic proteins

The first-of-its-kind gene therapy dramatically reduced the levels of misfolded proteins in some clinical trial participants for up to six months and lowered levels in all participants for up to one year.   Researchers have successfully deactivated the gene in human patients by treating them with CRISPR gene-editing technology, clearing …

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Clinical trials take a bite out of the CAR T Therapy market

All things considered, about a quarter of treatment-eligible lymphoma patients make exploratory (and free) decisions. Despite the new underwriting of two disease drugs that use CAR T cells to treat lymphoma, only 25% of eligible patients actually choose to enter clinical trials instead of going through open-label treatment. This follows …

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Startups Get Ready for the Rush for Health Data

Associations are set to consider blockchain development to allow individuals to control and directly benefit from their genomic and clinical information. Shawna Williams: Whether you’ve never heard of IQVIA or not, the association probably knows a few things about you if you’re lucky enough to be in an anonymized structure. …

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DNA damage seen with unprecedented clarity

The new tool, called PRISM, draws on virus-host interactions and the DNA repair pathway to help researchers visualize how cellular stress can contribute to neurodegenerative disease. Unlike most cells, mature neurons do not divide. Because mutations often arise through error-prone mechanisms of cell division, scientists once believed that these neurons …

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Medical labs file lawsuit against US government over health care fees

Scheduled test installments are unreasonably cheap and can drive small businesses out of business, according to the American Clinical Laboratory Association. U.S. Naval Forces, Wikimedia Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Chelsea A. Blom took the picture. The bureaucratic health insurance program for seniors known as Medicare has been sued by …

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