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Health Insurance

Researchers are targeting a hormone linked to liver cancer in NASH cases

Biotechnologists have yet to discover the therapeutic key to the frustrating disease that is non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). Now, researchers from the University of Michigan have identified an interesting hormone that could unblock the worse liver disease that NASH is a harbinger of. The findings, published Monday in Cell Metabolism, focus …

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Labcorp will merge the clinical development arm into a separate business

After more than two years of pandemic-driven growth, Labcorp is spinning off its clinical development arm as a standalone public company. The spinoff — for now called a “clinical development business” — would focus exclusively on contract research work and help companies conduct clinical trials through confirmatory Phase 4 trials. …

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Benefits of packaging for your health

Balimbing organic product is known by several names. Most nations refer to it as carambola and some basically refer to it as a stellar organic product. Balimbing is normally star-shaped and can be eaten with unblemished skin. It is the most popular snack for mains in the Philippines and is …

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SEC accuses uBiome founder of defrauding investors

The microbiome testing organization made deceptive claims about its capabilities and a business technique that allegedly depended on tricking specialists into requesting redundant tests, as suggested by the US government. Organizers behind uBiome, a microbiome testing organization that failed and went out of business after an FBI crackdown in 2019, …

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Vitamin D pills do not prevent bone fractures, osteoporosis: Study

The large study adds to a growing list of conditions previously thought to be helped by vitamin D supplementation. ABOVE: © ISTOCK.COM, FCAFOTODIGITAL Vitamin D supplements have long been touted to offer a myriad of health benefits, including protection against cognitive decline, cancer and bone fractures, and even prolonging life. …

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Opinion: Where are the scientists in America’s health care reform?

Governmental clinical reasoning for all could expand access to clinical intervention—the real goal of biomedical research. For more than 10 years, Americans have debated the best method to fix our broken health care framework, which allows 35,000 Americans to receive consistent medical care and many more to go without it. …

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